Aprueba IELTs con nosotros

Aprueba tu examen IELTs con nosotros

«Es una gran academia, yo llevo en ella desde que abrió empezando por los niveles más bajos y actualmente me estoy preparando para hacer el B2 desde que entre mi nivel de inglés ha mejorado mucho y la relación con los profesores y los compañeros siempre ha sido muy buena.»
Javier Cardenas Devesa B1, B2

Study and prepare for your IELTs safe in the knowledge that you are studying with the best in Alicante.
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IELTS has 2 types of tests, Academic English or General English. Both types of exams are aimed at specific situations, for example, students who want to work in research or academic institutions usually take the academic exam.

Of course it is not enough to study just for the exam, you also need to learn the level that suits you best, in addition to preparing yourself. Learning the level and preparing for the exam is easy with ABC English. We have been successfully preparing students for over 10 years, with most achieving a Title at the level they desired.

Classes are intensive and focused on the exam, with an in-depth analysis of the strategies and tricks used in the exam. Each exercise is formatted in the same way as the exam, so every time your pen touches paper you are practicing for the exam.

Exam format
Listening 40 questions – 30 minutes
Reading 40 questions – 60 minutes
Writing 2 tasks – 60 minutes
Speaking 3 – 11–14 minutes

IELTS timetable
All levels and group schedules. Because the same skills are tested, the knowledge required to pass the exam is also the same. For this reason, we recommend studying in a group at the level you want to achieve in the exam. Only the format is different and we offer specific IELTS exam practices at weekends.

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Did you know there is a Computer based and Paper based exam? Want to know the differences between them? Click here.

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