Aprueba B1 con nosotros

Aprueba tu examen B1 con nosotros

«Tuve la oportunidad de estudiar en esta escuela donde me ayudaron a preparar el alto nivel de inglés que necesitaba para trabajar como médico en Inglaterra. La recomiendo ampliamente, principalmente por su ambiente familiar y por la técnica de enseñanza que aplican.»
Jose Antonio Carbonell B2, C1

ABC English has been preparing students for their B1 exams for more than ten years and has an enviable reputation for success.
Passing your B1 exam is easy with ABC.

B1 Intermediate is the basic level of English required by most employers, as well as being a requirement for entry into University. For many B1 is enough as it equips learners with a basic ability to communicate, for example when on holiday or communicating online. But for students looking for more, it is a stepping stone to higher levels and the opportunities they provide.

In the exam students are expected to be able to,
– Understand simple written and oral instructions and concepts, such as shopping lists and memos.
– Read and understand more complex texts like articles and news stories.
– A knowledge of basic vocabulary for topics such as Holidays, Family and Friends.
– Write simple and informal short texts such as an email to a friend using appropriate register.
– In the latest exam format students are also required to write a semi-formal Article.
– Listening requires that learners are able to recognise information across different accents and dialects.
– An ability to express both simple and complex concepts is required in Speaking, as well as the ability to hold a conversation and share opinions.

The exam consists of four papers
Reading – 6 parts – 45 minutes
Texts taken from informal/semi-formal instructions, semi-formal articles, brochures.

Writing – 2 parts – 45 minutes
Types are informal email, semi-formal email, semi-formal article

Listening – 4 parts – 30-40 mins
Audios are taken from mainly broadcasts and interviews.

Speaking – 4 parts – 12-17 mins

watch a real B1 speaking exam
Watch a real B1 speaking exam.
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Aprueba tu examen B1 con ABC English, Alicante
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