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ABC English is a small English Academy in the heart of Alicante centre, and has been teaching and preparing students for their exams for over 10 successful years.

We are a small academy, specialising in exam preparation for all official exams (EOI, Cambridge, IELT’s, TOEFL) as well as general English. We only employ experienced native teachers with proven exam success results, and Adrian, a specialist Exam Preparation Coach and Examiner, is always available for guidance and help.

Groups are reduced in size and all classes are focused on communication – in English. Indeed, the majority of our student’s get the highest grade possible for speaking in their exams because of our commitment to only speaking English in the classroom, as well as outside the class.

English class books and up to 6gb of free English resources are available to all students.
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We have groups mornings and afternoons for levels A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, and for the higher levels we have Exam Practice classes at weekends.

The duration of our courses depends on your level when you begin as well as your objective and time limitations. At ABC English it is very easy to prepare and present quickly for your chosen exam as groups and attendance are flexible, meaning you can attend 2, 3, 4 or 5 classes a week – all focused on your chosen Cambridge exam.

Not sure of your level? No problem. You can visit us for a 5 minute assessment of your level so we can better advise you how much time is needed for you to study and present. At ABC we don’t give you a written grammar test as this is of zero value if your objective is taking the exam, we have our own specially designed Level Test.

Our Exam Specialist and Cambridge Examiner will guide you from the moment you begin classes.
Learn the strategies needed to pass your exam.

The mark of a good academy is it’s success rate in examinations – and at ABC we are proud to have a 99% pass rate, though of course, our students also deserve credit for their hard work and perseverance. Adrian, our qualified Cambridge Exam Preparation Specialist teaches B2, C1 and C2, as well as managing our Exam Practice classes at weekends.

You will not pass your chosen exam, or will not receive the grade you should, unless you understand the tricks used in the exam and strategies needed to successfully pass it. At ABC we focus not only on strategy, but also logic, and psychology as for many students their psychological response on the day of the exam can be a problem. Relaxation techniques for those who get nervous, coping mechanisms for stress and confusion are only some of the psychological approaches we look at.

The Cambridge Preliminary B1 exam is an Intermediate level that requires you to be able to understand relatively simple concepts.
The B2, or Cambridge First Exam, is an upper-intermediate level and demands a good all-round knowledge of English.
The Cambridge C1 Advanced is an advanced level in English and requires a genuine ability and fluency in the language.
The Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam represents the highest level for those studying English.
The IELT's exam is favoured by many Universities for Erasmus and study.
We have a limited children's timetable and classes are always full. Call us for availability.
The best time to learn a new language is when you are a child. Children absorb information like a sponge and quickly learn the complexities of a new language.
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Now more than ever, children need to be fluent in English, and not only to enter University. The internet, Gaming, Social Media and Netflix as well as many others, mean it is now vital to be able to communicate and interact with people from around the globe, and take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer.

At ABC our young learners range in age from 6 years to 16 years with no restriction on entrance to a higher level class based on age, for example, we have 13 year old students in C1. We believe in placing children in a level that challenges them without it being so difficult that they give up on their studies.

Communication is always in English in the classroom and we try to encourage students and parents to add one or two English activities to their week so that the child stays engaged with English even when out of the classroom.

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