Aprueba C2 con nosotros

Aprueba tu examen C2 con nosotros

«Una buena academia donde prepararse todos los niveles de inglés. Profesores nativos y comprometidos
Ricardo Ayela B1, B2

C2 is the highest accreditation possible in a second language. Our C2 students think in English as naturally as in their own language and are able to express themselves in any situation and on any topic.
The sky is the limit with C2 and ABC!

C2 (Proficiency) is the highest level attainable when learning English as a second language. Our C2 students can express themselves in any situation and on any topic, in fact they think in English just as naturally as they do in their own language.

As a general level, C2 equips the student with all the language necessary to communicate like a native, using a huge variety of language types, such as idioms, colloquialisms, etc. In writing they learn how to write like an educated native speaker, whether it be a report, review or narrative fiction. It is truly the pinnacle of English.

Known as the Cambridge Proficiency, the exam is valid in Europe and most countries around the world, for both academic and general English, and is perfect for working or studying abroad, or for immersing yourself in English culture. Forget subtitles when watching Netflix, listen and understand in original version and enjoy telling your English friends about your favourite series. There really is no limit to what you can do with C2.

Learning the level and preparing for the exam is easy with ABC English. We have been successfully preparing students for over 10 years, with the majority earning a pass with Merit or Distinction in their exam.

Our classes are intensive and focused on the exam from the first class, with an in-depth analysis of the strategies and tricks used in the exam. Each exercise, whether written, listening, grammar or spoken, is formatted in the same way as the exam, so every time your pencil touches paper you are practising for the exam.

The exam consists of 5 papers
Reading – 3 parts – 65 mins
Texts taken from semi-formal and formal articles, magazines, fiction, information sheets.

Use of English – 4 parts -25 mins
Extracts taken mainly from semi-formal and academic articles.

Writing – 2 parts – 90 mins
Part 1 is usually a semi-formal/formal opinion essay. Part two includes article, proposal, review, letter of complaint or application, essay.

Listening – 4 parts – 40 mins
Audio taken from interviews, radio broadcasts, lectures.

Speaking – 4 parts – 17 mins

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Watch a real C2 Proficiency speaking exam.
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