Aprueba C1 con nosotros

Aprueba tu examen C1 con nosotros

‘Esta academia es sin duda lo mejor que puedes encontrar en Alicante, sus profesores nativos y sus métodos ayudan a afianzar rápidamente el inglés, me apunté para obtener el B2 y aprobamos el 100% de los alumnos, increíble! Tengo claro que cuando me quiera sacar el C1 me apuntaré otra vez.»
Antonio Guijarro B2

C1 Cambridge Advanced is accepted by many employers and educational institutions for Erasmus. It focuses on complex grammar, high level vocabulary as well as those aspects of the language that confer genuine fluency such as idioms, phrasals and fixed phrases. But don't worry, at ABC all our C1 students pass their exams.
Your C1 certificate is only a step away with ABC.

C1 (Advanced) is fast becoming the standard qualification required for jobs, teaching and academic placements at foreign institutions.

As a general level, C1 equips learners with a high level of fluency and the ability to communicate in English on any topic. For many students seeking fluency, C1 is the pinnacle of their learning.

Known as the Cambridge Advanced, the exam is valid in Europe and many countries around the world, and students are recognized as having genuine fluency in the English language in both academic and general English.

Learning the level and preparing for the exam is easy with ABC English. We have been successfully preparing students for over 10 years, with the majority earning a pass with Merit or Distinction.

Our classes are intensive and focused on the exam from the first class, with an in-depth analysis of the strategies and tricks used in the exam. Each exercise, whether written, listening, grammar or spoken, is formatted in the same way as the exam, so every time your pencil touches paper you are practicing for the exam.

The exam consists of 5 papers
Reading – 4 parts – 65 minutes
Extracts include from fiction, semi-formal articles, magazines, reviews.

Use of English – 4 parts – 25 minutes
Extracts are mainly from semi-formal academic articles, magazines.

Writing – 2 parts – 90 mins
Part 1 is a semi-formal opinion essay. Part two can be semi-formal report, article, proposal, review, letter of complaint or application, informal email to a friend.

Listening – 4 parts – 40 mins
Extracts from broadcasts, lectures, radio theatre, interviews

Speaking – 4 parts – 17 mins

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Watch a genuine C1 speaking exam.
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Aprueba tu examen C1 con ABC English, Alicante
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