Aprueba B2 con nosotros

Aprueba tu examen B2 con nosotros

«Si estás buscando un sitio donde aprender inglés que realmente puedas aplicar más allá de los libros, lo has encontrado: En ABC English te atenderán profesores nativos dispuestos a ayudarte a mejorar notablemente tu nivel, además de ser un centro de preparación para los exámenes Cambridge.»
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B2 Upper Intermediate is one of our most popular courses. We teach and prepare 100's of students each year for their official B2 exam. We are proud to say that 99% of our students pass their exams, many with A or B.
Study and prepare for your B2 exam with us.

B2 Upper Intermediate English is a required level for many professions, including teachers and other Government workers who take State exams. It is also the minimum level normally required for Erasmus when taking the IELTs examination.

In B2 students quickly learn how to communicate very complex concepts related to Society, Technology, The Environment, Politics and much more. In this respect it is very different to B1 which tends to focus on Family, Friends and activities such as Holidays.

Students in B2 need to demonstrate the following.
– Genuine spoken fluency demonstrating confidence with the language.
– An ability to exchange opinions and argue a case.
– A deep knowledge of high level vocabulary including abstract nouns to describe abstract concepts.
– An ability to express ideas in writing at all registers including informal, semi-formal and formal.
– An understanding of complex texts.
– A deep knowledge of Use of English.

The exam consists of five papers
Reading – 3 parts – 55 minutes
Types – extracts are taken from semi-formal articles, novels, information sheets.

Use of English – 4 parts – 20 minutes
Types – extracts taken from semi-formal, academic articles.

Writing – 2 parts – 80 minutes
Types – semi-formal report, article, review, letter of complaint, letter of application

Listening – 4 parts – 40 mins
Taken mainly from broadcasts, interviews.

Speaking – 4 parts -17 mins

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