• Cómo escribir un artículo en inglés
    How to write a fantastic article in English In B2, C1 and C2 you may be given the option of writing an article, typically between 220-290 words depending on level. It can be aimed […]
  • Expressing Purpose
    to + inf. + somethingI learn English to speak more fluently so + obj./subj. pronoun + modal + clauseShe trains hard so she can can win the race. so that + obj./subj. pronoun + […]
  • Mixed Conditionals
    The mixed conditional describes a hypothetical present result of an unreal past condition. Conditionals are all about time. 2nd is in the present but uses the past to tell us it is hypothetical.Condition – […]
  • Informal ways of speaking
    Common phrases to ask how someone is:What’s up?What’s new?What have you been up to lately?How’s it going?How are things?How’s life? Common phrases to say how you are:I’m fine, thanks. How about you?Pretty good.Same as […]
  • Expressions with Time
    a devil of a time: something difficult a legend in one’s own time: one who gains renown within his or her lifetime (also inspired “a legend in (one’s) own mind,” referring to an egotistical […]
  • Animal Idioms
    Ant in one’s pantsPeople who have ants in their pants are very restless or excited about something. Eager beaverThe term eager beaver refers to a person who is hardworking and enthusiastic, sometimes considered overzealous. […]
  • Narrative Facial Gestures – C2
    EYES/BROWShis eyes widenedher eyes went roundher eyelids droopedhis eyes narrowedhis eyes lit uphis eyes dartedhe squintedshe blinkedher eyes twinkledhis eyes gleamedher eyes sparkledhis eyes flashedhis eyes glintedhis eyes burned with…her eyes blazed with…her eyes […]
  • Narrative Gestures – C2
    he lowered his headshe hung her headhe duckedshe bowed her headhe covered his eyes with a handshe pressed her hands to her cheeksshe raised her chinhe lifted his chinher hands squeezed into fistshis hands […]
  • Cómo escribir un ensayo – parte dos
    In the First exam the writing consists of two parts. Here we look at Part 1, the compulsory essay. Strategya – Read the task carefully and underline the keywords. Ex. Write an opinion essay […]
  • Formas de hablar
    speak: make use of words in a normal voice.May I speak to George? talk: speak to give information, say things.What are they talking about? hesitate: be slow to speak (or act) because one is […]
  • Ensayo de opinión en inglés – B2/C1
    An opinion essay is often the first part of the writing in the B2/C1 Exam. Here’s some tips to help you. How to structure your opinion essay Para.1. Basic, simple background that reflects the […]
  • Cómo escribir un informe de inglés – B2
    Here’s some basic advice about how to write a good report in English. First, structure it into 4 paragraphs and subheading or subtitle for each paragraph. 1. introduction – why/purpose of report. Begin with […]
  • Cláusulas relativas y participios en inglés
    There are some simple rules in English for how to use present participle/past participle and relative pronouns with relative clauses. First, relative clauses. Type : DefiningPurpose : defines nounExampleThis is the shirt that I […]
  • Conectores formales – B2
    When writing a semi formal or formal essay, report or article use these connectors… Moreover – additional supporting evidence. example Studies show a an increase in social isolation as well as impaired interpersonal skills. […]
  • Inmobiliaria -Vocabulario Inglés
    vocabulario inglés por inmobiliaria
  • Frases fijas y transformando el inglés informal al formal
    Fixed phrases in English are very important, especially in writing but they are often formal or semi formal and can’t be used in all writing tasks. Do not confuse fixed phrases with phrasal verbs, […]
  • Cómo escribir una crítica en inglés
    como escribo una revista en inglés
  • Cómo escribir informalmente en inglés
    How to write a great informal email or message. We often talk about semi formal and formal writing but seldom informal. So here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when writing […]
  • Cómo escribir una propuesta en inglés
    Vive la diferencia The difference between a report and a proposal is in function rather than presentation. This is often referred to with a single sentence in class books, but it is very important […]
  • cómo transformar oraciones en B1 PET y B2 FCE
    Transforming sentences in English, for the Cambridge English exams, is very difficult, but a simple strategy really helps. Certain word types are very important in B1 sentence transformations, such as adverbs and phrasal verbs, […]
  • Vocabulario Inglés – dinero
    When you have money Idioms You can…Live the high lifeHave a high standard of livingLead a jetset lifestyleBe a jetsetterBe a self-made millionaire/billionaireBe a self-made man/woman You can also be …Rolling in moneyHave money […]
  • Vocabulario inglés – stupidity
    Fool word family fool concrete noun / verbfoolishness nounfoolish adjectivefoolishly adverb Fool idioms and compounds Tom fooleryPlay the foolFool around ( + with – sexual in meaning)Fools rush in where angles fear to tread […]
  • Linkers en inglés B2 FCE/C1 CAE
    Contrast linkers in English In spite of / Despite Link two contrasting ideas. Followed by a noun phrase.Despite leaving early we missed the trainWe enjoyed the holiday in spite of the rain. Although / (Even) though Link two contrasting ideas. […]
  • Vocabulario inglés – discutiendo
    Arguing in English -vocabulary You can have… An argumentA disagreementA fall/falling outA quarrelA slanging matchA tiffA Lover’s tiffA rowA blow upA barnyA Punch up – with violenceA set to – with violenceYou can also…Say […]
  • Vocabulario para la muerte
    Words connected with death Get over + something (-), examples – a death, a shock, a tragedy, a divorce a cold, the flu Expressions meaning to calm down when over emotional.Get over yourselfPull yourself […]
  • Cómo aprender más palabras en inglés – todos niveles
    Learning new English words is essential not only for the exam, but to help your speech sound more natural and fluent. The wrong word, or word form, dropped by mistake into a conversation can […]
  • gerund o infinitivo en inglés B1 y B2
    Understanding verb patterns in English First we need to understand the infinitive and what it is in English. 1. Bare infinitiveExample – play2. Full infinitive Example – to play Some verbs in English always […]
  • Gramática Inglés – inversiones
    Inversions in EnglishIn English, inversions are used in formal writing and are very easy to use. Their most typical usage is to replace if in conditional structures. The structure is very simple, and writing […]
  • Phrasal Verbs – relationships
    ​Two people who have a good relationship are often said to get on (well/great/badly) with: I get on really well with both of my brothers. Meanwhile, people who stop being friends after an argument […]
  • Bullet lists – inglés
    How to create a bullet or numbered list in English. There are some simple rules about bullet and numbered lists in English, and how to write them well. You should not write a long […]
  • Escritura formal en inglés – B2, C1 y C2
    Writing formal English made easy.
  • Vocabulario – B1/B2 adjectives for rented housing
    Below is typical English vocabulary used by Real Estate Agents to describe rental properties. CharacterTraditionalCharmingChicContemporaryModernLightSpaciousWell proportionedWell appointed roomsCompactSpectacularCentral locationCity livingEasy walking distanceAmenities etc. on your doorstepAmple parkingShort term/long term lease
  • Vocabulario inglés – el cuerpo – B2/C1
    Below are adjectives and nouns in English to describe people and how they look. Body Type Obese, fat, chubby, corpulent, slim, slender, sinuous, lithe, svelte, thin, skinny, muscular, big, big boned, stocky, rotund, pot-bellied, […]
  • Vocabulario inglés – celebrity
    English vocabulary for Celebrity, B2 level. Nouns Fame Infamy (-) Glamour Glitz Gossip Stardom Starlet Star Celebrity Icon Role model Gold digger Phrases and expressionsboy band/girl groupa male/female band who often just sing and […]
  • Used to y would – B1
    In English, to describe routines and states in the past we use would and used to. Routine* would – only affirmative* Mainly used with action verbs subj + used to/would + infinitiveI used to/would […]
  • Vocabulario y escritura inglés – Climate change essay
    Here are some ideas related to the environment, that you can use in the writing or speaking part of your Cambridge English exam. Talking about the size of the problem crisis Climate change is […]
  • Phrasal verbs inglés – B1/B2
    Click the link below for a pdf of the following file. 148 essential phrasal verbs for B1 and B2.Warning there are 32 pages, view, download or print.
  • Vocabulario – B1/B2 Concerts
    Here you can find English vocabulary related to concerts and performance. It is useful for both the speaking and writing parts of the exam, and of course in everyday life. PerformerArtistRecording artist(Record label, record […]
  • inglés B1 PET – Have/Get something done
    To say that we have employed a professional to do something for us. Have/get + something + participleExamplesI’m having/getting my hair cut today.They just had their house repainted.Note – get is very informal. To […]
  • Collocations – CAE inglés avanzado
  • Phrasals, collocations, phrases, idioms
  • Adverbs & Adjectives for interest
    Remember the order of adjectives is very important in English. Opinion | age | size | colour | material I just bought a beautiful new, small, blue, cotton dress. Also remember that in English […]
  • Advanced conditionals
    These conditional structures are all hypothetical to a greater or lesser degree. If + subj + (should) happen + to + inf Example If you (should) happen to see Maria tell her I will […]
  • Vocabulary – describing people advanced
    Some adjectives in English are irregular and very specific – they either describe how we feel emotionally or physically, or both. We usually use this structure… Subject + feel/s + adjective example – I […]
  • Compras – vocabulario en inglés B2 FCE C1 CAE
    vocabulario por compras en Inglés. B2 y C1
  • Adverbios Inglés – B2 C1
    adverbios en Inglés para B2 y C1
  • So, Such, Too & Enough
  • Vocabulary – walking
    ​Walk – usually with purpose I’ll walk to/from the shop. Stroll – with/without purpose I’ll stroll to the shop/about/around the town. Meander – usually without purpose I’ll have a meander about/around the town  Wander […]
  • Vocabulary – sleep
    Sleepiness – noun Sleep – noun/verb Sleepily – adverb Sleepy – adjective Asleep – adjective Verb & adjective collocations Fall asleep Drift asleep Lull asleep (lullaby – a song sung to babies to help […]
  • ​Adverbs Just, Yet, Already
    Usage – perfect tenses Yet *Yet is always negative. subj. + have + participle + yet I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Or subj. + have + adverb + infinitive I have yet to eat […]
  • Adjectives for stupidity
    With absolutely, totally completely, Preposterous Ridiculous Ludicrous Banal Retarded With very, really, quite, etc, Stupid Thick Daft Goofy Silly Infantile
  • ​Expressions with mind…
    Never mind = don’t worry, forget it… «Mum I failed my exam». » Never mind, you can try again.» On my mind = something you are worried about… «The exam has been on my […]
  • ​Ways of saying thank you…
    Thanks Thanks very much Thanks awfully Ta Ta very much Thank you very much Thank you so much How kind How kind of you You’re too kind How sweet How sweet of you Thanks […]
  • Vocabulary – Cinema
    ​Film/movie Box office hit Cinematography Cinematic experience Directing/direction Production Casting/Cast Well-crafted script Musical score/soundtrack Staring role/lead role Supporting actor/cast Location Lighting Atmosphere/atmospheric
  • Reported speech
    From the whiteboard.
  • Direct and Indirect questions
    The main types of question forms with examples. For B1 and above.
  • Formal letter of complaint
    Writing a formal letter of complaint.  Formality is used to put distance between the writer and reader. 1. Remember to begin your letter, To whom it may concern, 2. Finish it with, I await […]
  • Phrasal verbs – put
    Put up with – tolerate something or someone. Put up – erect or lend money Put on – wear or exaggerate something Put upon – bullied Put down – insult Put out – extinguish […]
  • wish & regret
    ​Sentence transformation and hypothetical meaning with Wish and Regret. Rules. When speaking hypothetically about a present or future situation with Wish or Regret we put either the auxiliary or the main verb into a […]
  • Environment vocabulary
    Deforestation Decimation of flora and fauna Slash and burn Human encroachment Soil erosion Global warming Ozone depletion Greenhouse effect Greenhouse gases Polar melt Rising sea levels Coastal erosion Climate change Pollution Fossil fuels – […]
  • Passive Sentences
    Passive voice verbs are used in writing much more often than in speech, and they are used in some types of writing much more often than in others. Passives are used more in journalism (newspapers, […]
  • Writing – adding atmosphere
    Creating atmosphere when writing is easy. Adjectives That speak to the senses, colour, texture, sound, smell, space. The rancid stench of death enveloped me in its rank and rotting embrace. Adverbs That describe emotion- […]
  • Writing – adding interest
    ​Making your writing more interesting is easy – use adjectives and adverbs. Remember the order of adjectives – use more than one. Examples – B1 I’ve just bought a lovely, green, silk dress. We […]
  • Verb + Adjective for feelings
    Get/become upset Get/become angry Get/become confused Get/become emotional Get/become flustered Get worked up Get depressed Become anxious Become hysterical Become furious Grow sad Feel sad Fall in/out of love Go into hysterics (laughter) Go […]
  • Forming Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
    One-syllable adjectives. Form the comparative and superlative forms of a one-syllable adjective by adding – er for the comparative form and –est for the superlative. One-Syllable Adjective Comparative Form Superlative Form tall taller tallest old […]
  • B2 Writing a review in depth
    Writing a review is an option in both FCE, CAE and CPE. It’s an excellent option as you are able to choose the subject, and so the vocabulary you are familiar with. Here are […]