Informal ways of speaking

Common phrases to ask how someone is:
What’s up?
What’s new?
What have you been up to lately?
How’s it going?
How are things?
How’s life?

Common phrases to say how you are:
I’m fine, thanks. How about you?
Pretty good.
Same as always
Not so great.
Could be better

Cant complain

Common phrases to say thank you:
I really appreciate it.
I’m really grateful
That’s so kind of you.
I owe you one. (this means you want/need to do a favor for the other person in the future)

Common phrases to respond to thank you:
No problem.
No worries
Don’t mention it.
My pleasure.

Common phrases to end a conversation politely:
It was nice chatting with you.
Anyway, I should get going.

Common phrases to ask for information:
Do you have any idea…?
Would you happen to know…?
I don’t suppose you (would) know…?

Common phrases to say I don’t know:
I have no idea/clue.
I can’t help you there.
(informal) Beats me.
I’m not really sure.
I’ve been wondering that, too.

Common phrases for not having an opinion:
I’ve never given it much thought.
I don’t have strong feelings either way.
It doesn’t make any difference to me.
I have no opinion on the matter.

Common phrases for agreeing:
That’s so true.
That’s for sure.
I agree 100%
I couldn’t agree with you more.
(informal) Tell me about it! / You’re telling me!
(informal) I’ll say!
I suppose so. (use this phrase for weak agreement – you agree, but reluctantly)

Common phrases for disagreeing:
I’m not so sure about that.
That’s not how I see it.
Not necessarily

Common phrases to respond to great news:
That’s great!
How wonderful!

Common phrases to respond to bad news:
Oh no…
That’s terrible.
Poor you. (Use this to respond to bad situations that are not too serious)
I’m so sorry to hear that.

Common phrases to invite someone somewhere:
Are you free… [Saturday night?]
Are you doing anything… [Saturday night?]
(informal) Do you wanna… [see a movie?]
(formal)Would you like to… [join me for dinner?]

Common phrases for food:
I’m starving! (= I’m very hungry)
Let’s grab a bite to eat.
How about eating out tonight? (eat out = eat at a restaurant)
I’ll have… (use this phrase for ordering in a restaurant)

Common phrases for price:
It cost a fortune.
It cost an arm and a leg.
That’s a rip-off. (= overpriced; far more expensive than it should be)
That’s a bit pricey.
That’s quite reasonable. (= it’s a good price)
That’s a good deal. (= a good value for the amount of money)
It was a real bargain.
It was dirt cheap. (= extremely inexpensive)
What’s the damage? (how much)

Common phrases for weather:
It’s a little chilly.
It’s freezing. (= extremely cold)
Make sure to bundle up. (bundle up = put on warm clothes for protection against the cold)

Common phrases for hot weather:
It’s absolutely boiling! (boiling = extremely hot)
it scorching hot outside

Common phrases for being tired:
I’m exhausted.
I’m dead tired.
I’m beat
I can hardly keep my eyes open
I’m gonna hit the sack. (hit the sack = go to bed)
I’m knackered.