Vocabulario para la muerte

Words connected with death

Get over + something (-), examples – a death, a shock, a tragedy, a divorce a cold, the flu

Expressions meaning to calm down when over emotional.
Get over yourself
Pull yourself together

Chill out

There are lots of vocabulary for death and bereavement.
Death (noun)
Deathly (adverb)
Dead (the) (noun)
Dead (adj.)
Deathless (adj.)
Die (verb)

Compound adj.  noun + verb
Death defying – to survive death
Compound adj. verb + adverb
Die hard – difficult to die

Come to terms with a death.’

Bereavement (noun)
Bereaved (c. noun)
Bereaved (adj.)
‘Get over a bereavement.’

Grief (noun)
Grieve (verb)
Grieving (adj.)
Grieved (adj.)
Aggrieved (adj.)

Be stricken with, struggle with, cope with, overcome grief.

Mourning (noun)
Mourner (noun)
Mourn (verb)
Be in/out of mourning.

We have many many expressions connected with death, as in most cultures.