Vocabulario inglés – el cuerpo – B2/C1

Below are adjectives and nouns in English to describe people and how they look.

Body Type

Obese, fat, chubby, corpulent, slim, slender, sinuous, lithe, svelte, thin, skinny, muscular, big, big boned, stocky, rotund, pot-bellied, small-framed, small-boned, petite, short, tal


Beautiful, handsome, pretty, stunning, striking, distinguished, gorgeous; drop dead gorgeous, elfen, boyish, hideous, grotesque, repugnant, baby faced


Short haired, long haired, fair haired, dark haired, thinning, balding, receding, unruly, neat, tidy, fine, fly away, frizzy, curly, wavey, straight, wispy, thick, glossy, dull


A stunner +
A babe +
A dreamboat +
A hottie +
A pig
A dog
A looker +
A hunk +
A beefcake +