Vocabulario inglés – celebrity

English vocabulary for Celebrity, B2 level.

Infamy (-)
Role model
Gold digger

Phrases and expressions
boy band/girl group
a male/female band who often just sing and dance

to be destined for stardom
to have a high chance of becoming famous

rising star
becoming famous

talent shows
contests involving people with skills like singers

to have a bright future ahead of them
their later life will be positive

to be an overnight success
to become famous very quickly and gain lots of attention

to become famous almost overnight
to get fame very quickly

to be a household name
a famous person whose name is well-known

at his/her peak
when he/she was most famous/creative/productive

newspaper gossip columns
sections in a newspaper for rumours about famous people

the rumour mill
when gossip is spread

to dry up
work, talent to decrease to zero

time will tell
the result/conclusion can only be seen at a later date in a career

big break
to be discovered and become famous

one trick pony/one hit wonder
able to do only one thing

victim of own success
to have problems because of fame

claim to fame
reason for fame