Vocabulario – Phrasal Verbs – B1 PET

Come across – find by chance/seem
I came across a nice hotel by the beach.
Raquel comes across as a nice girl.

Come up – unexpected problem 
I was going to the cinema but something came up and now I can’t go.

Come down with – catch an illness
Mum has come down with the flu.

Come intoinherit money
My grandmother died and I’ve come into some money.

Come outmake public
The latest lady Gaga album has come out.

Come by – acquire by chance
I came by a lovely second hand car last week and bought it.

Put up – erect
Dad put up the tent at the campsite.

Put up with – tolerate
I won’t put up with bad behaviour in class.

Put bysave
I put by a little money every month for Christmas.

Put down – insult
The teacher really put me down in class!

Look up – search information
I often look up information online or in a dictionary.

Look for – Search
I’ve been looking for the perfect man all my life.

Look into – investigate
Police are looking into the crime.

Look out – be careful
Look out, there’s car coming!

Take offSuccess
The bike shop has really taken car off and we are getting rich!

Take after – Resemble/similar
I take after my mum, we’re both short and have blue eyes

Take over – accept responsibility
I was feeling sick and asked my colleague to take over my work

Turn in- go to bed
I’m turning in, see you in the morning.

Turn outan unexpected result
I thought it was going to rain but it turned out sunny.

Turn on – activate
Turn on the air-conditioning please.

Turn into – become something different
A Caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

Turn back – return
The rain was so bad we had to turn back.

Give upquit
I’ve given up smoking.