B2 Writing a review in depth

Writing a review is an option in both FCE, CAE and CPE. It’s an excellent option as you are able to choose the subject, and so the vocabulary you are familiar with. Here are some basic pointers.

1. Say something in the simplest way. Formal writing is almost always concise and to the point.

2. Try to use only one tense in each sentence. Change tense when you change sentence. If you must have a tense change in mid sentence then introduce it with a comma.

3. Don’t overuse one word for the subject, vary with nouns and pronouns, and synonyms.
He – can introduce a sentence
His – can introduce a sentence
Name (Carlos) can introduce a sentence

In your task the subject is movie, vary it with Film, cinematic offering.

Get basic vocabulary right.

4. Choose words you recognise when checking in a dictionary or with the translator.

5. Think about how you would feel in the same situation and try to express with the words you choose.

Here’s an example, well the first few paragraphs…

Have you ever felt nostalgic, reminisced over bygone days?

I imagine everyone has, at one time or another. But remembering the tiny details and the atmosphere of the past isn’t so easy, and it takes genius to translate this into celluloid.

Thankfully we have Radio Days, a supremely engaging film by Woody Allen, which transports you back in time to 1940’s America, and will satisfy any craving you might have for happier days gone by. Both touching and hilariously funny at the same time it….

More basic tips